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Strengthening Ourselves, Strengthening Each Other

I usually maintain a reasonably clear boundary between my professional writing and my personal life. The recent reaction to a d’var (word of Torah) that I gave was so positive, though, that I decided to share an edited version of it with my readers: Sometimes you just need to go: You have to leave wherever […]

How Much of People’s Lives Should Be Shared at Work?

Last week I took a couple of people out to lunch at a local restaurant where I’ve been before for both business and social lunches: The food is reasonably good, the service is reasonably responsive, and the prices are reasonable. Our waitress had a splint contraption on her arm, so I asked her what had […]

Plowing Through: Five Steps to Recovering Your Equilibrium

Note: This post from deep winter a couple of (a few) years ago is actually my “most read of all time” post. I hope it’s useful at any time of year. I’m starting to calm down after experiencing a huge, frustrating waste of time caused by inadequate planning and coordination for infrastructure requirements, as well […]