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Four Markers of the “Safe” Leader

When employees are not shut down or demotivated by fear, they’re able to absorb input and recommendations, learn and grow, share information and technique, and stretch to meet larger goals and aims. How can leaders create safety? Typically, safety starts when leaders demonstrate competence, openness, candor, and vision. Don’t for a minute think these are […]

The Frustrations of the Conflict-Averse Executive

When an executive disagrees with a proposal or approach, the situation can go in two directions: In the best-case scenario, the disagreement gets worked through collegially, even if it means that other people — other executives, even — have to change their approach in order to achieve a resolution. But in the worst-case scenario, for […]

So You Think Your Manager’s Like a Bad Joke? Part 1: The Setup

A critic, a control freak, and a micromanager walk into a conference room… Do you know the punch line to this joke? No? That’s because it’s not a joke. Each of these folks can squelch creativity, suppress innovation, create process bottlenecks, and demoralize staff. And yet countless employees work for these types of managers and […]

How to Get Out from “Under the Bus”

“They threw me under the bus” is probably the most common expression of complaint among employees who see themselves as the victims of intra- or inter-team sniping. Whenever I hear it, I picture tire tracks — big, wide ones — across somebody’s back. The phrase smacks of unfairness, at a minimum, and, at its worst, […]

Epilogue: A Happier Ending to Workplace Dramas

For the last few weeks, I’ve been writing about various kinds of typical workplace dramas and their instigators: The eager beaver type who’s “Overwhelmed and Overreacting;” The intelligent, intense, easily triggered “Conspiracy Theorist;” The “Perfect Victim,” who’s always right and always suffering; and The “Messenger on a Mission,” who gains in self-importance by speaking for […]