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Speaking Truth to Power, Part III: When and Where (Not) to Give Your Boss Feedback

How do you get someone to hear you when it’s not their tendency to listen? If you want to speak candidly with management, give yourself the best chance of having an impact by choosing timing and venues that are least likely to trigger a backlash — whether it’s the great stone wall of silence or […]

The Listening Post, Part I: Four Crucial Aspects of Understanding

We assume we know how to listen because we’ve been listening, or trying to listen, or thinking we were listening, virtually since birth. But listening isn’t intuitive: It takes effort, focus and practice to be good at it. Like any other skill, extra effort makes improvement possible. Think of listening as a gift you can […]

If Someone’s Poking a Hole in You, Perform Evasive Maneuvers

A reader of How to Get Your Point Across without Poking a Hole in Anyone and Q&A About Talking Side by Side sent in a sort of counterpoint question: How do you avoid having a hole poked in you by someone else? We’ve all interacted with someone who isn’t kind, wants to make an example […]

How to Get Your Point Across without Poking a Hole in Anyone

Most of us would love to communicate better, so we can make our case or get our points across. Our underlying goal is to understand the other well enough so we can make ourselves understood more effectively, which is a slight twist on the Covey precept, “Seek first to understand, then to be understood.” Three […]