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Liz Kislik

Liz Kislik Associates is a nationally acclaimed consultancy specializing in strengthening customer care and employee performance. We act as a catalyst for positive change, providing perspective and assistance in expediting improvement, addressing sensitive situations, and developing long range plans for greater productivity and effectiveness.

Build a successful future with positive, pragmatic thinking

We consult with businesses of all sizes and segments to help increase customer satisfaction and develop successful employees at every level. In collaboration with senior executives, we diagnose complex organizational problems and create action plans to streamline methods and processes, improve communication, align goals, and attain efficiencies.

Reap the benefits of improved performance

With a fresh point of view and new ideas, we help managers cope with complicated issues and facilitate improved customer and working relationships. In each engagement, we assess the particular situation and craft recommendations and solutions specific to our clients' needs.

We help companies

  • Organize and manage customer contact centers
  • Train employee trainers and develop coaching strategies for improved performance
  • Promote better communication, cooperation, and collaboration in all aspects of human resources
  • Evaluate performance and develop employees for increased productivity and effectiveness
  • Address structural and procedural issues
  • Design strategies and tactics to improve customer satisfaction and consumer loyalty
  • Enhance selling skills for increased sales
  • Improve recruitment and retention
  • Create effective work processes

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